Why Everyone Should Use An Airline Miles Credit Card

Whether you travel for business or just like to get away every once in a while to see a new part of the country, or world, wouldn’t travel be nicer if you could fly for free?

There are no time-share scams at work here, but you can get free airfare just by buying the things you regularly buy, and using an airline miles credit card.

With airline miles credit cards, every time you make a purchase you get a percentage of that purchase back as airline miles in your frequent flier account. For people that travel regularly, charging your regular tickets, as well as anything else you buy, will see those miles add up quickly and before you know it, you’ll be ready to take flight for free.

Airline credit cards are an agreement worked with the airlines and credit card companies. It’s a win-win-win for each of them and you. The credit card company sees more charges because the customer wants to earn more miles to use for future flights. The airline wins because the customer will use their airline instead of another airline, thanks to the perks.

While you may think the credit card company isn’t getting anything in this deal, since you pay your balance off every month, you aren’t thinking about the money they get every time you use their card. When you run a charge through at a store, that store pays 3% to the credit card company for the convenience of using their card. That adds up quickly for the credit card companies.

For the airline, while you may be getting your airfare for free, you are going to be paying taxes, convenience fees and other charges in order to take that free flight. No, that’s not a lot for them to make, but they also know many people travel with family and friends.

While your ticket may be free, your family and friends will likely be purchasing theirs, putting money into the airline’s pockets. Airlines also tend to offer extra miles if you use the credit card to purchase flights on their airline. That way, when you don’t have a free ticket, you will still take your flights through them.

If you are not locked into one airline, there are some airline miles credit cards that will allow you to earn miles that can be used on any airline. It is, however, better if you stick with one airline as they appreciate people who are more frequent fliers and you may start noticing extra bonus miles and incentives for giving them your business.

Know the airlines you fly then start doing your research to find the airline miles credit card that will give you the most free travel for your dollar!

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