The Benefits of American Express Credit Cards

When thinking of getting a credit card, one thing you may consider is which credit card company to join on with. Before you make a choice, you may want to know a little more about why American Express may be the credit card company you want to select.

You have no doubt heard the name American Express in the past, but what do you know about the company? Here’s a little information on why American Express credit cards can be a better choice than the other companies.

Spending Limits

One of the most popular things about an American Express credit card is that they don’t have preset spending limits. If you have had a regular card you know that when you first get the card you have a set credit limit that is often low.

As soon as you make a few charges, you are at your limit and have to pay down the card before you can spend more. But what if you need to make a large purchase? Your limit may keep you from being able to make the buy. Not with an American Express credit card. With these credit cards your spending limit is flexible.


Unlike the other credit card companies, American Express is a single entity. From start to finish everything you do relating to your credit card deals with them. MasterCard and Visa work with banks and other independent companies to make their systems work. There are benefits to American Express doing it all in house as this means they can offer you more variety in the cards you can apply for.

From rates to rewards or even just knowing someone will be there to help you when you call, they can offer it all. While you may think being just one company would limit American Express to just a few options, it is quite the opposite. They are in complete control of the card offerings and can help you create a credit card agreement that will suit your needs.

Extra Cards

Do you want to have just one family credit card? You can do that with American Express. Unlike other companies that may limit you to two cards, American Express will allow you to have up to 5 cards added to your account so everyone in the family can be using the same account writer. It’s convenient to have just one bill to pay at the end of the month.

Business Options

If you run a small business, you will really like the small business options that come from American Express. They have a small business program that will save you money at all their participating companies. That is just a part of the card’s benefits.

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