Maximize the Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Are you on the road or in the air a lot? If you regularly travel, either for business or pleasure, you may be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t have a credit card that will give you more for your travels.

There are a number of credit cards out there that have been invented specifically for travelers. These are travel rewards credit cards. They offer a world of rewards, discounts and freebies, if you know how to cash in.

Here are some of the features travel rewards credit cards often offer:

Airfare – Many travel rewards points are part of loyalty programs to a particular airline and all charges made on the card will earn you points towards free flights. Some of the best airline mile credit cards will allow you to gather miles and use them on any of a number of airlines that they work with.

Hotel – Some travel rewards credit cards will let you earn free stays at hotels as you travel about. But this is not all. You should also get to know the perks of your travel rewards credit card and see if there are discounts that you can take advantage of, even if you don’t have the points to pay for a whole trip.

Dining – Many restaurants have partnered up with credit card companies hoping to get more customers into their doors. Make them work for your business. Look for restaurants that offer special discounts to cardholders or save up your points for a gift card that will give you a free dining experience.

Car Rental – While many people think of airfare and hotel as the big rewards from travel rewards credit cards, there is one more important thing you need as well, a car. The best travel rewards credit cards will offer discounts on car rentals.

All of the Above – Many of the best travel rewards credit cards will allow you to use the points you accumulate in their program for any and all travel features.

Using Them to Your Advantage:

Now that you know what you can get from travel rewards credit cards, you need to make sure you are using your cards to their full potential so you can reap those rewards.

Charge All Trip Items

The way most travel rewards credit cards work is that you get regular points for daily purchases, but bonus points for travel related purchases. Make sure to use that bonus. When you are traveling charge all your travel expenses on the card, even that soda or snack on the plane, and maximize your points.

Charge Cash Purchases

Were you going to pay cash for something? Keep the cash in the bank and charge that large ticket item on your travel rewards credit card. You can pay it off before the month is out, so you don’t pay interest, and still rack up points to use towards future trips.

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