The Best Credit Cards Offer Warranty Extensions

When you buy a big ticket item, do you also buy the extended warranty? If you are like many people after one bad incident with the warranty running out, you shell out a little more to keep the coverage going.

It usually happens like this. You have your new item for about a year and suddenly you notice it’s not working quite right. In your head you are thinking you just got it not that long ago, but when you pull out the warranty information you realize that you in fact did purchase it just over a year ago.

Now you’re stuck with a broken item and no help to fix it. The frustration is compounded by how close to the expiration of the warranty your problem has cropped up, sometimes its just days.

So, what choice do you have? You have to buy that extra warranty for the piece of mind, right? Not necessarily.  What you may not realize is you have someone ready to double your warranty without you having to pay a single cent. That someone is your credit card company.

The best credit card companies have a lot of perks for their customers; one of whish is warranty protection. For the best of these credit cards it means they will literally double the duration of your warranty, free of charge to you.

If you are not sure if your current company does this, you may want to give them a call to find out. Otherwise, if you are in the market for a credit card, and see a few big ticket purchases in your future, you may want to see if the new credit cards you are considering applying for will offer such a service.

Generally, the best credit cards on the market have a lot of extra little perks that customers know nothing about. If you were to read that whole fine print booklet of information you get when the card first arrives you may know about some of them. But there is an easier way to find out what perks cards offer, without getting eye strain. Start calling around.

The best credit card companies will be happy to send you a simple list of all the perks they offer so you can compare the options for yourself. They want your business, and want you to apply, so they will be happy to help you in your research of what extras you can get when you get a new credit card.

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