Discover Credit Cards: A Look At The Top 3

So, you know you want a discover credit card. That is a good chunk of the battle as you narrow down your choices for a credit card to add to your inventory.  But now you have to decide which of the Discover credit cards you want. This can be a tough call since there are so many out there to choose from.

To help you narrow down the choices we are going to take a look at the top three Discover credit cards.

Discover Platinum

When you think of all the things you want in a credit card the Discover Platinum is often the card that you will find that has all the perks:

Rate – It starts at 0% for the first year for balance transfers and purchases. Then the rate only goes up to 10.99%

Annual Fee- $0

Rewards – Cash back for many purchases (with the option of more cash back through the Get More program where you can get 1-5% cash back on purchases. When you are ready to claim your money, you may be able to double your rewards if you want gift certificates or cards.

Fraud Protection – Free

Platinum Gas Card

With the rising price of gas there is nothing that sounds better than getting some of that gas free or at least getting a discount as you fill up. This is the type of thing that the Discover Platinum Gas card offers.

Rates – There is no interest for the first year then a rate of 10.99%.

Annual Fee- None

Cash Back Reward – You’ll get 5% cash back on all your gas purchases. You can double that to 10% if you use the Get More program to double your cash back on gift certificates and cards.

Fraud Protection – Free

The Miles Card

If you travel a lot for your company, you no doubt have seen that the price of airfare has gone through the roof. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to get a break on some of those trips? The Miles Card is often considered the best Discover card on the market for this reason.

Rate – It starts at 0% for the first year for balance transfers and purchases.

Bonus – For signing up with for the card you get a bonus of 12,000 miles.

Rewards – Earn one mile for every dollar spent on the card and use those miles to buy tickets on any airline with no blackout dates.

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