Gas Rebate Cards to Cure Some Pain at the Pump

Month by month they were climbing. Then it became week by week and finally day by day. I’m talking about gas prices. They have been steadily increasing in the past year and seemingly in a race to the top in the past month.

For most people, the constant new record breaking gas prices have been a very painful blow to their wallet. Just when it seemed things were going to start calming down, they were hit once again with bad news. Hurricane season was kicking up, oil refineries were threatened and then gas prices went through the roof, some service stations marking gas price rises by the hour.

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So, how do you get where you need to go and be able to afford it? You need a way to make the gas cheaper than it is at the pump. You can do this through gas rebate credit cards.

Gas rebate credit cards are just what they sound like, cards that give you money back for the money you spend on gasoline. This essentially means the more you drive the more you can save with this kind of credit card.

Now that I have you sold on the idea, you need to make sure you are getting one of the best gas rebate credit cards out there before you apply. I am not going to recommend a specific card because we all have different needs, but here are some of the things you should consider before selecting the card that is right for you.


Location, location, location. This is always an important thing to take note of with a gas rebate credit card. The best gas rebate credit cards don’t care what service station you use, if you are purchasing gasoline you will be able to get a rebate.

But those are few and far between. Many others are set to only give you a great rebate at the stations that they are affiliated with. Make sure those are stations you frequent or you will likely not use the card to its full potential.


Know how much of a rebate you will be getting on your card. They are all different and a few pennies per gallon can really add up, so look for the best rate you can find.

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Discount Duration

Not all discounts last forever. Many gas rebate credit cards will offer great discounts the first few months of use and then lower your rebate to just a penny or two per gallon. Make sure to research how long the initial discount will last and what the permanent discount will be after the introductory offer runs out.

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