Home Loan: Renegotiate Before it’s Too Late

Interest rates are rising… Alert, interest rates are rising! After a period in which they were historically low, interest rates are starting to climb again. It is, therefore, your last chance to renegotiate your mortgage and thus realize significant savings.

Yes, but how much?

According to our analyses (carried out with our partner Pretto, on the whole of the French population), 1.2 million borrowers in France will lose 13 billion us dollars in savings because they will not have renegotiated their mortgage. And they will not be able to say that we did not warn them!

In other words, if all borrowers renegotiate their credit, they could save up to 13 billion us dollars, or on average 15,000 $ per household. Yes yes, $ 15,000! And by household! Nice sum, right?!

How to do it?

It’s simple, the Coach is there to guide you. Depending on your profile and your situation, the Coach is able to estimate your potential savings, then he informs you and supports you in this renegotiation process.

Indeed, our forecasting algorithms allow us to see that many of you are affected. Nearly 10% of Banking users holding a mortgage could thus save by renegotiating. Check by doing your simulation? here ?.

Who can renegotiate?

If these three criteria correspond to you, then you are concerned:

  • You have a mortgage which rate is higher than 2%
  • You are ready to change banks. Don’t worry, it’s now easier thanks to the law on banking mobility.
  • Your income has not gone down

In addition, if you have a mortgage and your current resources allow you to increase your monthly payments, then you can also renegotiate your credit for a shorter period.

Ultimately, let us remember that Nicolas Boileau wrote, “Hurry slowly, without losing courage” in Poetic Art. Certainly, but given this context of climbing rates and this significant potential economy, it is more urgent (and more appropriate) to quote Hubert Bonisseur from La Bath: “Fonce Slimane! Go for it! ”. So go ahead in your Coach to find out your potential savings.

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