Payday Loans Continue To Be Popular

Everything points to the fact that more and more different activities will be carried out via the Internet. Previously, we needed a computer connected to the network for this purpose. Today, almost everyone has a mobile device with a fixed link. for further explanation

Such a tendency is identical to borrowing money. Although most of the financial products provided in banks, we receive directly in the branches. But if we are thinking about loans, otherwise known as retails, we can calmly take them online.

Through remote contact, we not only send a request that ensures that we have regular receipts to the account, but also we will be verified and receive the returned money by mail. This is a hit for people who do not like too much formality.

Record numbers of payday loans

In spite of many skeptical opinions about the granted payday, they are very popular. It is worth explaining right away that the biggest problem is the inability to distinguish between loans from legal loan companies and loans granted by parabanks. The latter actually rule their own laws and it is better to avoid them at all.

In 2016 alone, very high sales of fast cash loans were recorded. Their total value amounted to over PLN 2.7 billion. We should bear in mind that loans for very small amounts, ranging from 1 to 2 thousand zlotys, are most often provided. Occasionally, larger sums appear. This is a very good result, especially when it comes to the fact that it was only 4 years in a row since the non-banking products were introduced to the financial market.

Observing next sales results from 2010, an upward trend of around 8 percent per year can be considered. In 2016, about 1.4 million customers have already registered, who have benefited from the rich offer of non-banking companies.

The advantages of non-bank loans

It is not without significance that non-bank loans are gaining popularity every year. Although, at the beginning, many consumers really approached them very skeptically. However, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority owes much of it. Thanks to the introduction of strict regulations, you can have total confidence that there are no hidden costs, except those included in a clear manner in the contract.

Another advantage of non-bank loans is the minimum amount of formalities related to filling in the application. Comparing the efforts to get a loan from the bank, trying to get a non-bank loan, it will be much easier for us in the second case.

Then we do not really need to report any complicated documents certifying our earnings. In addition, borrowing via the Internet is a great convenience. Money after account verification is quickly transferred to the customer’s bank account. Therefore, these are financial products ideal for people in need of emergency financial support.

In order to prepare well for the application, it is worth knowing exactly what documents we will need. When applying for an online loan, let’s prepare:

  • ID card scan, sometimes it can be a different ID card, for example a passport or driving license
  • scan of the certificate of earnings. Although this document is not required in many non-banking companies. In return, the companies expect a simple statement from the client. The form has a place to enter the amount of monthly income.
  • bank account statement for a period of 1 to 3 months
  • a scan of a bill paid for, for example, electrics or water. This document is very rarely required, but it is worth having it with you if you really care about the time.

In addition to the prepared documents, the borrower must also meet other conditions, imposed individually by a specific non-bank company. For example, such conditions include the age of the customer. Upper and lower cradles often specify that customers can not be under 21, but not more than 60 or 75 years old.

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