Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers – The Real Scoop on These Deals

Did you think when you got that Pre-Approved Credit Card offer that it was a guarantee you would get that specific credit card deal being offered?

Well, no there is not a guarantee and you were pre-selected or pre-qualified based on your credit score which everyone has public access to through the big 3 credit reporting agencies.

Most of the pre-approved credit cards you receive are matched up with your credit score range and if you have a high FICO score you will normally be getting 0 percent APR credit card offers in the mail.

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Normally these credit card offers will state that they are PreApproved and will offer a 0% APR for up to 12 months with no annual fee. Some will also have rewards, cash back or other credit card perks that come along with the credit card offer.

You will be given an application to fill out, an 800 number to call or a website you can go to to accept your pre-approved credit card by filling out the online application. You will see the pre-approved credit card offer and can usually just click on apply now and be taken directly to the bank’s credit card application.

Actually, you can do the very same thing from this credit card comparison site. Most feel like they have to put in their invitation number and that gives them some type of special access to get that specific pre-approved credit card.

Most of these same zero percent credit card offers are on this very same site at and it is just a matter of reviewing the particular credit card offer you want and clicking on the apply now button to be taken to the banks secured online application and fill it out.

There is no need for a pre-approved invitation number and if they sent you the pre-approved credit card offer this generally means you had a good enough credit score that you would be able to get any of these credit card offers from this website.

Sometimes younger college students and individuals that do not have credit or may have poor or bad credit will receive a pre-approved credit card offer in the mail.

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Generally these cards have a pre-set spending amount such as $1000 dollars and may also have a higher interest rate. These are also based on that persons lower credit score and that is how that person was preapproved for that type of a credit card.

This is another vehicle for the credit card company to attract more users to their credit card they are promoting for a specific caterory of credit card users or target market.

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